Therapeutic Group Homes

Therapeutic foster group homes for girls ages 7-18 who have Moderate or Specialized level of care designations. Each group home is agency staffed and run by a licensed therapist who provides individual, group, and family therapy as well as treatment planning and consultation. Many of our group home residents are girls who have successfully completed treatment in the Residential Treatment Center.

The group home program offers a different experience for our residents and allows them to build life skills in a more independent environment which will help prepare them to transition either into a family situation or emancipate and live on their own. All of the meals are cooked on the cottage which allows residents and staff to sit down to a “family style” meal as often as possible. Recreational activities are highlighted and the girls are able to be out in the community on a very frequent basis. Many residents also either work or participate in volunteer opportunities in the community. Each group home has a slightly different focus and program.


Casa Sara Group Home has housed 9 girls since it opened in 2002. Casa Sara is located at the back of the parking area near the track. It is a comfortable size and set up to easily serve the number of girls who live there. Casa Sara often has residents who may have more difficult behaviors as they are staffed with House Parents and full-time Youth Care Counselors.


Meadows Group Home houses 5 residents. It is staffed with House Parents and supported by a part-time Youth Care Counselor. Meadows is a small and more intimate setting for residents. Three girls share a bedroom and one common area is shared by all 5 girls and the House Parent. Meadows is a house on a residential street that has been redesigned to be a group home. The back gate opens into the main campus of The Settlement Home.


Colony Creek Group Home, which is our most remote group home about two blocks off of the main Settlement Home campus, is geared toward 16-18 year-old-girls and houses 8 residents. Residents at Colony Creek are expected to be capable of maintaining safe behaviors and being ready to seek part time employment and/or attending public schools. Many of these girls are able to work part time and go to school. Often, we have girls on Colony Creek who obtain their GED and then seek full time employment to save money to prepare for transition to independence. Often girls in this home are able to be out in the community unsupervised. They are taught to utilize the public transportation system and learn skills related to independent living.