Williamson Family Campus

Continuing Education Units

These workshops are designed for industry professionals – social workers, counselors, foster parents and child care professionals – who are seeking Continuing Education Units or In-Service Training Hours. We hope you will join us for our next training!

Williamson Family Campus

Hold your next meeting, training or event at our training and conference center. This modern facility offers a variety of amenities to meet your needs. Contact us at [email protected] or 512-832-1223.


Upcoming Training: Empowered Endings - Trauma Informed Transitions

Through this interactive workshop, work through terminating relationships with clients and stretch long-standing beliefs, challenge fundamental knowledge, and inspire future practices related to how we honor transitions within the healing work that we do.
In our time together, we will explore experiences, both personal and professional. We will process the importance of interweaving trauma informed practices into the healing aspects of transition and closure, and we will creatively identify strategies for empowering ourselves and our clients.

Facilitated by Brandi Winters, LCSW

May 12, 2017 | 1:30-4:30 p.m.

This course satisfies 3 hours of required CEU training for social workers.

Upcoming Training: The Complex Trauma and Substance Abuse Connection

Addiction is known through many labels; bad habit, a disease, problem behavior, dependence, or the thing no one talks about. Regardless of how it’s labeled, those close to it understand it on a visceral level. It’s insidious and holds no boundaries; creating loneliness, loss and trauma. The conundrum of addiction is that it leads to further trauma, isolation and in turn increases one’s substance use to manage feelings. Breaking the cycle first requires a willingness to trust a safe attachment figure. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the complex relationship between trauma and substance abuse and leave with tools and skills to appropriately respond to trauma.

This course satisfies 3 hours of required CEU training for social workers.

June 2, 2017 | 1:30-4:30 p.m.

Facilitated by: Courtney Johnson, LCSW,  LCDC

Upcoming Training: Become a Certified Babysitter

If fostering or adopting isn’t right for you, being a certified babysitter is a great way to help children and families in foster care.
As we talk about National Foster Care Month and the ways you can get involved, we want to share an upcoming training opportunity. Just like parents with biological children, foster and adoptive parents sometimes need a break to go to meetings or have a date night, but finding a babysitter is often difficult. To babysit a child in foster care, you must go through a babysitting course.
Date: Saturday, May 6, 2017 | 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Location: Hill Country Bible Church *Note: this training is NOT happening at our Williamson Family Campus.