Home Heroes

Home Heroes give monthly to The Settlement Home for Children to help support our programs and make a difference in the lives of children and youth in foster care who have experienced severe emotional trauma, abuse and neglect. Through monthly support, Home Heroes directly impact the programs at The Home, including our Residential Treatment Center, Group Home Program, Transitional Living Program and Foster & Adoption Program.



In appreciation, we recognize our anonymous donors and the following individuals as Home Heroes:

Stephanie Boone

Matt Buford

Patty Curtis

Barun Das

Stacey Drown

Ellen Ducote

Hal Elrod

Trenton Foster

Darcie DeShazo

Ayse Hoops

Barbara Horan

Karen Jones

Penny Kusterer

David Moore

Ranjeet Panicker

LeAnne Reed

Liz Roberts

Gayle Roche

Carolyn Schilthuis

Michelle Schumann

Elaine Sedenberg

Mary Selby

Donna and David Sirbasku

Lita Vallis

Margaret Walker

Questions? Email development@settlementhome.org or call 512-836-2150 ext. 186.