The Garage & Estate Sale

Canceled: The 45th Annual Garage & Estate Sale 


With heavy hearts, we share news that The 45th Annual Garage & Estate Sale, our largest and most critical fundraiser, has been canceled due to ongoing city-wide health restrictions. Each year, our hardworking volunteers faithfully prepare for The Sale, and we welcome thousands of shoppers to the Palmer Events Center. With all proceeds going to serve children in foster care, the cancelation of this event on November 4-8 will have a resounding impact on our organization. 

Additionally, in keeping with our community’s guidelines, our campus restrictions have been extended, and we will continue operating under our current protocols until December 15.

As we care for children who have experienced severe emotional trauma, abuse and neglect, we bear hardships in losing our in-person volunteer support and the cancelation of our essential fundraisers.

Our organization’s important work cannot stop. Our direct care staff remains committed to caring for our children’s therapeutic counseling, emotional needs and physical health. Through healthy meals, recreational activities and a supportive, nurturing environment, we are devoted to helping our youth heal and grow. 

As we anticipate the coming months and the restrictions continuing into the holiday season, please know your support makes a critical difference in our organization. 


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Mark your calendar for November 5-7, 2021 and join us next year for The Sale!



Due to ongoing health restrictions, our warehouse is closed to donations at this time.