About Us

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to promote healing and growth in children, young adults and families by providing a continuum of care, support and resources. The Settlement Home cares for individuals who have experienced severe emotional trauma, abuse and neglect.

Value Statement

In serving children, young adults and families, The Settlement Home values relationships, diversity, leadership and learning. We provide a nurturing environment that promotes a sense of dignity and self-worth.


We value connections and recognize the importance that relationships have on our day to day work. We focus on hope and healing by seeking out opportunities to give our children stability.


We value cultural competence and honor the differences of our staff, children and community.


We actively seek opportunities to develop leadership qualities within our staff members, for use within the organization and the community.


We are an innovative teaching community, where people come to experience growth professionally and personally. We strive for our staff to be well-trained in evidence-based treatment that best serves our children and families.

Short statements about each value:

  • Healing through relationships
  • Honoring differences
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Innovative teaching community

Vision Statement

Working to end the cycle of child abuse.

History of the Settlement Home