Planned Giving: Legacy Society

The Mildred Gregg Wendlandt Legacy Society started when one person realized that she could do extraordinary things long after her lifetime. Her foresight paved the way for providing for the future of caring for abused and neglected children.

By remembering The Settlement Home in your estate plans, you will become a member of The Mildred Gregg Wendlandt Legacy Society. Your gift will provide income to support our mission for years to come.

The Legacy Society is open to everyone.


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Giving opportunities are personalized for each donor. You can bequeath a certain amount or percentage of funds, or make the gift contingent on certain events. You may do so through a will, insurance policies, Charitable Gift Annuities or another avenue that better meets your needs. We wish to do what is best for you, your family and all other beneficiaries.

“We can continue to work whether we are physically here or not. Our children will be helped.”

-member, The Mildred Gregg Wendlandt Legacy Society

For more information about the Mildred Gregg Wendlandt Legacy Society, please contact our development office at or 512-836-2150 ext. 145.