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About Our Foster & Adoption Program


The Settlement Home for Children’s Foster & Adoption Program (FAP) provides foster and adoptive services for children in foster care. We work with Child Protective Services (CPS) case workers, CASAs, legal teams, families and kinship to provide permanence, safety and well-being for children in foster care.

According to Child Protective Services, positive permanency is an outcome in which a child exits the care of Department of Family and Protective Services into a permanent setting that includes reunification with family, kinship placement or adoption. Every child has the right to a permanent and stable home, even during their tenure in foster care. There is no adequate substitute for stable, permanent family ties. Both foster and adoptive families provide the child with a sense of belonging and connection to the larger world.

Our Goal


At The Home, our goal is to provide this positive permanency for every child that comes into our care. To take it one step further, it is our hope that when we place a child into an adoptive family, it is his or her last step in the journey through foster care. We hope to have final placements with 100% of our children. Click here to learn more about permanence.

How We Help


The Home locates, screens, trains and verifies potential foster and adoptive parents to become providers with us. At this time, we are only able to serve families within a one-hour radius of our facility. Our staff provides continuing education and development for those chosen to serve and is on-call to provide support, respite care and crisis intervention when needed. Monthly reimbursement and medical coverage is provided.  Therapy referral services are covered by the agency for every person in need. 

Over 60% of children who are adopted from the foster-care system are adopted by their foster parents. Many parents enter foster parenting hoping to eventually add to their family through adoption; others find that a foster child had just become an irreplaceable part of their home. Some parents desire to adopt a child whose parents’ rights are already terminated and are waiting in a foster home for a family who can offer them a family and home for a lifetime.

Our Foster & Adoption Program offers pre-adoption training and walks with our families through the home study and matching process, the first months of adjustment in the home and helps our families navigate through the legal process to finalize the adoption. Our FAP now provides a continuum of care to children and families, from pre-adoption to post-adoption services.

Learn More!


If you are interested in learning more about being a foster or adoptive parent, please fill out the inquiry form below. We will be alerted of your entry and will contact you with more information.

Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services: 2021 Adoptive Parents of the Year


We are honored to celebrate one of our foster and adoptive families, the Curry Singletary Family, who were voted Adoptive Parents of the Year by the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services!

Learn more about Tacolya Singletary and Angela Curry here:



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