Need More Ideas on How to Give Back?

Posted July 25, 2011

Need More Ideas on How to Give Back?

If this summer heat is fogging up your brain and you’re out of ideas, alas, I’m here to offer you some new ideas on giving back!

1. Encourage your children to donate their unwanted toys.  (Or maybe finally get rid of the ones you’ve been holding on to for so long.)  Toys, games and stuffed animals can be an important donation.  Stuffed animals can be used as a coping mechanism for abused children.  We give each child one when they come to The Settlement Home.  If your children aren’t using it, pass the toy along for someone else to use and love.

2. Clean out your garage and closet and donate your items at our Lakeway Donation Drive Day on August 6 at Papa Murphy’s in Lakeway.  We will collect donations from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

3. Bake some cookies for your favorite charity.  Volunteers love cookies too.  Make everyone smile by baking some love into cookies, muffins, cupcakes, etc. and share them!

4. Have a skill you can volunteer?  Are you a photographer, writer, graphic designer, etc.?  Odds are your talents would be greatly appreciated at a non-profit. 

5. Use social media.  Does your favorite non-profit have an event coming up?  Sent it to your friends, post it on your page, Tweet about it.  You get my drift.  Just spread the word and help raise awareness and funds.