Our 8 Favorite Summer Things

Posted June 17, 2016

Our 8 Favorite Summer Things

As you can imagine, summer is a busy place on the campus of The Settlement Home. Our staff and volunteers work diligently to make sure that each child has an enjoyable summer full of fun and new experiences. We are two days in to week four of summer programming and there are lots of great activities planned. Here is a list of our favorite things about summer: 

1. Daily activities – There are always tons of awesome visitors to share their skills – cooking, dance, music, and more.

2. Swimming – Every. Single. Week. What more could a kid want?

3. Arts and crafts – From chalk art to projects with crayons, we love sharing our creative sides and having fun on campus.

4. Slip n sliding – We have a huge slip n slide set up on a hill on campus and we love racing and seeing how fast we can make it to the bottom.

5. Camps – Summer wouldn’t be complete without camp. Many of our kids get to attend camps around the area to make new friends and try new things.

6. Sweet treats – The best thing to do when the Texas sun is hot enough to cook an egg is to eat something cold and sweet. We love popsicles and snow cones and ice cream!

7. Exploring – We get to go to so many cool places like San Antonio, Ten Thousand Villages, Cathedral of Junk, and more- there are just to many to list.

8. Games Day – Think of it like a summer carnival. There’s bingo and hula hooping; cake walking and photo boothing; water ballooning and sno coning. There’s also a DUNKING BOOTH.

That’s what we love about summer. What do you love about summer? Comment below!