Soaring to New Heights

Posted December 30, 2011

Soaring to New Heights

Our Foster Family & Adoption billboards are up all across town! These fun, kid-inspired billboards relay the message that we are looking for Foster and Adoptive Parents.

We serve boys and girls ages birth to 18 years old at the Basic, Moderate or Specialized level. There is a vast need for Foster and Adoptive Parents for teenagers and siblings groups. When you open your home and heart to these special children, you are helping them find love, hope and healing. As a Foster Parent of siblings, you are allowing sisters and brothers the gift of staying together, when they might otherwise be separated.

Throughout the entire journey, you are fully supported. The Settlement Home locates, screens, trains and verifies potential foster parents to become providers with us. Our foster family staff provides continuing education and development for those chosen to serve and is on-call to provide support, respite care and crisis intervention when needed. A monthly reimbursement and medical coverage is provided to assist with the expense of raising a foster child. Therapy services are also covered by the agency for each foster child in need.

You might be the perfect fit to help these children experience the love, confidence and happy home they deserve. Click here for more information.