Support Summer Fun!

Posted May 7, 2015

Support Summer Fun!

We need your help making this summer memorable for our kids. Please consider making a donation to our Crowdrise campaign. Together, we can help foster kids have a summer filled with fun and positive memories.

Click here for our summer fundraising campaign. 

Do you remember what made your childhood feel special? Was it snow cones, summer camps or just knowing you were somewhere safe?

We often hear from the teenage girls that we serve that they’ve never had a birthday party, been fishing or attended a concert before they came to live at The Settlement Home for Children. While many of us take activities like this for granted, these experiences can make all the difference for a child with a background of severe emotional trauma, abuse and neglect.

Our kids participate in swimming lessons, dance classes, summer camps, horseback riding and many other meaningful activities. Positive experiences like these help our kids feel confident and cared for so they are able to heal.

Your donation makes it possible for us to continue providing our children with enriching opportunities for the summertime at The Settlement Home! We ask for your financial support to help us create positive childhood memories like the ones you cherish. Thank you!