A Walk Down Memory Lane

Posted March 14, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The Settlement Club meeting last week was like a trip down memory lane. 

Ms. Copeland, named the Matron of the Settlement Home, was the caregiver at The Settlement Home in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Her granddaughter, Linda, came and spoke about her childhood trips to The Settlement Home.  Linda shared great stories, photos and letters.  She told us about eating watermelon on her birthdays at The Settlement Home and hearing her first ghost stories with the children there.  She spoke of the warmth and peace that she found during her visits and how the children who lived at The Settlement Home welcomed her.  “It was a place they really could come and settle,” she said.  

There were misty eyes around the room as Linda read a letter her grandmother received from one of the girls she’d cared for who had grown up into a young adult with a good job, friends and an apartment.  The letter expressed a deep appreciation and respect for Ms. Copeland.  It also reminded us how important and necessary The Settlement Home is to every child who passes through the gates. 

Yes, Ms. Copeland sewed clothing for the children and took them swimming, but more importantly, she changed their lives by giving them the love and support they needed when no one else did.  Her efforts shaped The Settlement Home and gave us the opportunity to continue down her road of passion and dedication for these children.  For that, we say thank you.