Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent

Posted April 24, 2012

Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent

Interested in fostering or adopting a child or sibling group? Join us for a foster and adoption orientation.

We offer bi-monthly orientations that provide individuals and couples with information on fostering and adopting a child. Learn about the process, meet our knowledgeable staff and find out about The Settlement Home at these no obligation, free orientations.

– Tues., April 24 – 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. – Williamson Campus, 1607 Colony Creek Dr.
– Tues., May 15 – 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. – Williamson Campus, 1607 Colony Creek Dr.
Tues., May 22 – 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. – Williamson Campus, 1607 Colony Creek Dr.

Open your heart and home to a child in need. Our foster and adoption program places both boys and girls of all ages, however there is a tremendous need for foster and adoptive parents for teenagers and sibling groups.

Please RSVP to Megan at [email protected] or call (512)832-1252.

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  • Parents who foster infants and toddlers have the opportunity to create the building blocks of their future life skills—learning that an adult will meet their needs, learning boundaries, learning language and empathy because their foster parents are pouring attention and words into their lives.
  • Parents who foster school-age children are their kids’ cheerleaders and coaches—they teach their kids the basic social skills they may have missed, like how to make friends, apologize, talk to adults, or give and receive gifts.
  • Parents who foster teenagers have the opportunity to fight against some of the worst statistics in our country: 60% of kids in foster-care do not get a high school diploma…over 30% of kids who “age out” of foster-care spend time homeless, many more are quickly victims of crime or eventually end up in the justice system themselves. Parents of teenagers have the opportunity to leverage a teens’ natural desire for independence and accomplishment into helping them prepare for an adulthood that comes more quickly for children in foster-care than anyone else in our society.

  • Foster parents at the Settlement Home prepare for these, and other challenges, through a verification process that can take anywhere from two to twelve months, depending on the family’s pace and readiness. Families complete 24 hours of pre-service classes, fill-out application materials, have their home inspected by fire and health inspectors, and complete a home-study interview with the developer before they ever sign the contract with our agency to open their homes to children. The pre-service training prepares parents for the unique challenges that a child’s history of trauma create for the child, and prepares them for the ins and outs of the foster parenting experience.
  • Foster parents have the opportunity to create a lasting impact on the children who stay in their home—whether the children return to their families, move quickly on to adoption, or require long-term foster-care while they wait for adoption—the teaching and loving that foster parents give their children are lasting gifts.

Our foster parents are especially chosen for their ability to provide loving, happy homes for children. Potential foster parents come from diverse backgrounds, and may be single or married.