Birthdays are special around here

Posted March 12, 2012

Birthdays are special around here

Birthdays are a special day. They are uniquely your special day. Whether everyone admits it or not, I think we all like to be remembered on our birthday. 

At The Settlement Home, we make it a point to celebrate each child’s birthday. Many of the girls who live here have had birthdays where they did not receive a gift or cake. Instead of being joyful, a child can feel sad and alone. We hope to build new, positive memories by making the day fun and special.

Volunteers with Bake a Wish Austin bake and decorate beautiful cakes for our girls on their birthday. The girl picks a theme and flavor for the cake. The baking and decorating skills of the Bake a Wish members are tremendous! From Twilight inspired cakes to a cake decorated in zebra print, each cake is unique and special, made specifically for the birthday girl.

Each girl also receives a birthday gift. These gifts, which are donated by the community, include items such as makeup, art supplies, journals, DVDs, CDs, stuffed animals and much more. We are always looking for birthday gifts for teenage girls, such as posters for decorating their room, makeup, nail polish, CDs, hair care items, flip flops, jewelry, watches, etc. (For more information on donating a birthday wish list item, email [email protected].)

We hope that by making their birthday special, the children we serve will feel loved.

Check out these awesome cakes made by Bake a Wish Austin: