Construction Continues

Posted May 23, 2011

Construction Continues

We are getting so excited about the future!  This morning I took a tour of our Williamson Campus, which will be the new home of the Foster & Adoption Program and the start of the new Independent Living Program and apartments.

The place looks great!  Warm, welcoming and spacious, this new facility is really taking shape.  As it gets closer to complete, it’s easy to start to visualize all the amazing, life changing work that will go on inside these walls.  

Since May is National Foster Care Month, I was particularly thinking of the Foster and Adoption Program as I toured the facility.  The new building will be able to accomodate all of the work, trainings, orientations and more that are part of this program.  There is even a play therapy room in the back.  

The next few weeks will go fast and I can’t wait to see the facility with freshly painted walls and new flooring.  Stay tuned!