Five Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for the Caleb 5K

Posted July 3, 2014

Five Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for the Caleb 5K

The Caleb 5K is almost here! Race day is Saturday, July 12 at Shoreline Church. Race details are available here.

So why should YOU be a part of this year’s race? I have five good reasons why:
1) To stay healthy. Everyone needs to exercise. Walking, jogging and running are all great ways to burn calories and get moving! As a bonus, we’ll have water for you along the way!

2) Socialize with friends. Challenge your friends and family members to join you for the Caleb 5K. You’ll have a blast helping others while spending some quality time with the ones you love. Added bonus, make new friends at the race!

3) Epic water balloon fight. That’s right! After you run, prepare to get wet in the massive water balloon fight featuring 20,000 water balloons! Won’t it feel nice in our Texas July heat?

4) Raise money for five great charities. The Settlement Home is proud to be one of five charities benefiting from the Caleb 5K. Each of the five charities are focused on improving the lives of children. Give us a few hours of your morning and help children receive critical programs and services. 

5) Get inspired. The Caleb 5K is inspired by the late, Caleb Koke, who was an accomplished athlete with audacious dreams and a genuine love for children. Caleb’s legacy lives on through this race and the children whose lives are touched by it.

Now, are you in? Sign up today!