Get Organized!

Posted June 22, 2012

Get Organized!

We are getting organized thanks to our friends at The Container Store. Their donation of Elfa shelving will help us stay organized so we can better serve our children.

A huge thanks to Otis at The Container Store located at 9629 Research Blvd. in Austin.

How do you organize a small, oddly shaped space? You call the experts at The Container Store! Our main office is located in a charming historic home, which is preserved to maintain its historical accuracy. The home has a small basement cellar, which was used to keep items cool back in the 1800’s. While this space worked for the home’s pioneer family, in modern times, it has been a challenge to maximize the potential of the space. The room has a low, rounded ceiling and is 9′ x 9′ in size. Due to these hurdles, it was hard for us to use this space in a meaningful way.

The Container Store generously donated Elfa shelving to us. The shelving is perfect! It is sturdy, sleek and a perfect fit for the space. It allowed us to create more shelving space and bring items up off the ground. The unit made it possible for us to fit a variety of boxes and storage tubs on shelves.

Our cellar is no longer a place of chaos. Now it’s a clean, functional storage area that is easy to navigate. Storing boxes is easier. Finding boxes is easier. Our items will stay cleaner, since they are up off the floor, and we will know exactly what inventory we have just by looking. It is a total transformation!

These shelves go a long way in helping us with our mission of caring for abused and neglected children. We are thankful for the support of The Container Store!

Take a look!