Get Pampered

Posted June 29, 2012

Get Pampered

Spa Day is here! It’s been a great morning at our Williamson Campus. The amazing crew from Avenue 5 is hard at work making everyone look and feel fabulous.

This morning, the girls from our program were able to get their hair and make up done, as well as shop for clothing, shoes and accessories. The special attention made the girls feel good. They even got beauty tips from the experts on how to do their hair and make up. It’s been a fun, special day of beauty!

Thanks so very much to Avenue 5 and Michael de la Fuenta for organizing this great Spa Day!

Welcome to Spa Day
Thanks to everyone who organized Spa Day!
Stylist doing hair.

Lovely and tasty desserts.

Thanks to all involved!

Love that braid!

Hair and make up. Yes, please!
Avenue 5 working their hair magic!