Giving for Living: A Worthy Program

Posted June 28, 2011

Giving for Living: A Worthy Program

With all the buzz starting for our Garage Sale in November, it’s easy to overlook something really unique that happens every year at the sale.  On Sunday at the Garage Sale, The Settlement Home has it’s community outreach program, Giving for Living.  This program is so valuable because it allows The Settlement Home to support the work of other non-profits.

The Giving for Living program works like this: We give vouchers to other non-profits, who then give the vouchers to the clients they serve.  These $25 certificates are spent at the Garage Sale, helping individuals and families in need get the basic necesities they need.  Items like clothing, shoes, baby clothing, toys, kitchen items and more are for sale at our Garage Sale for bargain prices.  These shoppers can stretch their voucher money very far, purchasing so much more with this certificate than they could at a retail store. 

It might seem like small potatoes to some people, but to others, a $25 certificate could mean that a family doesn’t have to choose between paying for food or medication or buying their child a toy or pair of shoes.

Each year, we are able to provide certificates to more than 50 Central Texas area non-profit agencies.  We are thrilled to be able to offer this program again this year.  We are looking for support from the community to help us provide this service.  If you are interested in sponsoring the Giving for Living program, contact us at [email protected].