Help Dress Our Girls for Success

Posted February 17, 2014

Help Dress Our Girls for Success

When you look good, you usually feel good. Wearing the right clothing is important because it can often dictate how self-confident you feel. We want to set our girls up for success in everything they do, so dressing in a way that is appropriate and flattering is key.

We created our Clothes Closet to help us do just that. Clothes Closet is an on-campus “boutique” run by Settlement Club members. Our girls can shop for clothing, shoes and other items they need for school, work and activities. Many times, a child comes to The Settlement Home with very few clothing options or there is a delay in receiving her belongings. 

You can help dress our girls for success by donating clothing, shoes, purses and accessories to the Clothes Closet. We accept new or gently used items in a wide range of sizes. We also accept special occasion dresses for our prom and quinceanera.

Here a few guidelines to consider when donating items for Clothes Closet:
• Shorts and skirts should extend below the girl’s extended arm and hand to below their fingertips. Please no low cut pants, shorts or skirts.
• Shirts should be of an appropriate length. Shirts should cover even when our young ladies bend. Please no midriffs, low cut blouses or spaghetti
straps. Tank tops with shoulder straps that are at least three fingers wide are okay.
• Bathing suits should be appropriate, sturdy and provide good coverage.
• Please no Dry Clean Only garments.
• Shoes should be flat or with a low heel.

Items not suitable for the Clothes Closet will be sold at our Garage Sale.

Drop your donations off at our main office at 1600 Payton Gin Road, 78758 or call us at (512) 836-2150 for more information.