Jeans for Teens

Posted December 3, 2013

Jeans for Teens

Teens for Jeans has kicked off their jean drive and now is your chance to be a part of it!

Teens across the US and Canada can go to the Teens for Jeans site and sign up to run jeans drives in their schools and communities. Once you have collect as many jeans as you can, drop them off at a local AĆ©ropostale store from January 13th to February 16th. Last year, 902,500 pairs of jeans were collected! The goal this year is one million jeans!

For more information, about collecting jeans go to or text JEANS to 38383.

Do Something, who organizes the drive, is here to help you every step of the way. They provide tips and resources about how to run the best jeans drive — from where to set up the box to downloadable posters that can be printed and hung in schools and around town. Additionally, they can also send you a free banner to help promote it. There are amazing prizes available for those who participate, including the chance to win a $4,000 scholarship and a $10,000 grand prize to the school that collects the most jeans.

The Settlement Home received several boxes of jeans in 2012. The donation was a big one for us and the jeans found new homes with our kids. We are looking forward to this year’s drive! 


One of several boxes of jeans The Home received in 2012.