Spring is in the Air!

Posted March 22, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

That’s right, it’s officially SPRING!  One of my favorite seasons, spring is filled with blooming flowers, perfect weather and spring cleaning!  If you’re like me, you’re either itching to start cleaning your closets and garage or you’ve already started!

As you put things into that box of unwanted items – that blouse that’s just a bit too small, those shoes with heel that’s a bit too tall, that painting that never quite matched your decor – consider donating it and changing a life!  That’s right, the things you no longer want, are exactly what we want at The Settlement Home.  These items will be collected, sorted and sold at the Charity Garage Sale in November.  ALL proceeds go to supporting abused and neglected children in Austin.

Now, we can’t just accept everything, because donations need to be items of value, so here is a list of what we do NOT accept:
·      Large appliances
·      Sinks
·      Worn, Torn, Stained, Damaged or Broken Furniture
·      Office Furniture
·      Large Desks
·      Furniture made of Particle Board
·      Mattresses
·      Sleeper sofas
·      Halogen lamps
·      Console TVs or console stereos
·      Fax machines
·      Computers with Windows 98 or earlier software
·      Black and white monitors
·      Stained or torn clothing
·      School uniforms
·      Building products
·      Metal mini blinds
·      Curtain rods
·      Plumbing fixtures
·      Doors or windows
·      Tires and wheel rims
·      Car seats
·      Used garden hoses
·      Encyclopedias
·      Medical, legal or school textbooks
·      Magazines
·      Torn, stained or worn linens or blankets
·      Electric blankets
·      Pianos
·      Organs
·      Broken or chipped glassware or dishes
·      Opened or used craft items  

Now get to donating!