Stories from the 2012 Garage Sale

Posted November 8, 2012

Stories from the 2012 Garage Sale

The 37th Annual Settlement Home Charity Garage Sale is now history! We can’t believe it’s over. It was a great year for us and we are so thankful for all the support from our Club members, volunteers, sponsors and shoppers!

There are so many stories at the Garage Sale. Just start asking people and you will hear about how the sale is a family tradition for them or something a pair of sisters plan for every year. There’s a woman who buys clothing and essentials to donate them to the homeless and shoppers who come in from across the state and country. It’s just amazing!

Andrea Ball with the Austin American-Statesman did a great story about several unique shoppers. Click here to read it!

We were thrilled to be on FOX and KVUE News! See those stories here:
FOX Morning Live Shot
KVUE Midday Show

We also had some great coverage from Kathleen and Tom with Antique Outings. They did two great posts about the sale. One is about the sale in general and the other is about the unique find Tom made at the Box Sale! Read them here:
Garage Sale post
Unique Find post

Thank you to Ahora Si and Gissela SantaCruz for featuring our sale in their paper. Click here to read it!

We love hearing stories about why people shop at our Garage Sale! Have a unique one to share? Send it to me at [email protected].

The end of the 2012 Garage Sale! We’ve sold it all!