The University of Texas- University Charter School (UT-UCS)

Posted December 2, 2016

The University of Texas- University Charter School (UT-UCS)

Did you know that we have an on-campus University of Texas Charter School available to residents in our care? Many of the kids we serve are behind their peers academically or are need of a little extra support with their school credits. The Charter School meets students where they are to meet these needs. The school serves grades 7 – 12 and focuses on providing activities and skills to supply middle school students with a solid learning foundation for high school and guide high school students as they prepare to leave the structured school and residential environment. The school is staffed by 5 teachers, 3 instructional aides, an education director and a behavior intervention specialist.

The average student entering UT-UCS at The Settlement Home:

  • Is in CPS care, and has been for a year or more;
  • Has been in a minimum of four schools in their lifetime;
  • Has been in a minimum of two schools within the current school year;
  • Has gaps in knowledge in at least one of the four core areas due to being moved from school to school, or from missing a significant amount of school. Reasons our students miss school: responsible for younger siblings, unsupervised by parents, runaway, intentionally held out of school to avoid outside scrutiny, psychiatric hospitalization;
  • Has a history of discipline problems in school due to conflict with teachers, conflict with peers, truancy, or all three; and
  • Has significant history of trauma, both in and out of the school environment.


The charter school is an incredible resource to us that allows our kiddos the opportunity to catch up on their academics and give them the tools and resources they need to be able to be successful as they move forward.

In the second grading period for this school year, we had 6 students who made the A-Honor Roll, an incredible feat. We also have 3 students who are working diligently to finish their coursework and graduate this month.

We are proud of each of our kiddos for the hard work they put into school and appreciate our partnership with The University of Texas Charter School System, which allows us to provide these opportunities to our kids.