Welcome to The Settlement Home! Thank you for choosing to share your time and caring with us. Our volunteer program was designed to provide flexibility for every volunteer.

We believe that the most powerful influence in our lives is our relationship with others. It is through these relationships that we hope to motivate our children to become loving, responsible adults. Volunteers play an integral part in serving as role models to the children that live here. There are many opportunities within our program to make these connections. Together we can make a difference in our children’s lives.

Each of our volunteers comes from a unique background and has amazing skills and talents. If you have a particular skill or talent you would like to share, we can create a customized volunteer experience for you. We appreciate you and want to help you give back. We’re here to help you make a difference.

We always appreciate community partners reaching out to us with creative and thoughtful projects they would like to do on our campus to help the girls. Not every project is a fit, and there are several things that need to be considered when presenting a project to our team. Please keep in mind that for the safety and privacy of our residents, projects will need to be supervised by a member of our staff and cannot be completed on weekends or holidays.

Volunteer Opportunities

Individual Mentors

Individual mentors build a corrective, therapeutic relationship with one child for a one year commitment. Mentors must be available 6-8 hours per month during evenings and weekends.

Cottage Volunteers

Cottage volunteers work under the supervision of the cottage supervisor and staff on one of our cottages to provide assistance to residents, assist with leading recreation or daily routine activities.

School Volunteers

  • Work under the supervision of the teachers and education staff in our on-campus school to provide assistance to designated students.
  • Work with children one-on-one to assist them with their academic classroom work.
  • Participate in classroom group activities or field trips, serving to help designated students to manage themselves in a positive, successful manner.
  • Help provide encouragement and positive reinforcement to students struggling to be successful in the classroom.
  • Help promote a positive learning environment by focusing on academic tasks and designated student goals.

Recreational Volunteer

  • Lead a recreation or health & fitness class.
  • Teach music lessons.
  • Teach a summer recreation class.
  • Work with a group of children as a cottage volunteer…. helping with meal times, recreation, homework, and bedtime routines.

Volunteer opportunities for groups

  • Garage Sale events (sorting in warehouse on Monday mornings, assisting with move out, set up and working at event in November).
  • Assist with holidays, special events and parties throughout the year.
  • Adopt/sponsor a group of children at The Home for Christmas.
  • Team-teach a summer recreation or education class.
  • Teach a vocational series class for the Home’s older teens.
  • Host a cultural event or dinner at The Settlement Home.

Service Projects

There are many opportunities for short-term volunteering on campus. Often, groups wishing to volunteer choose a project, gather the supplies for the project and implement the project. This start-to-finish approach is a great way to help us meet our needs and provide a way for our community to support us on campus. If your employer has a volunteer day or if you want to host a holiday party for our kids, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

Garage Sale

There are opportunities year-round to volunteer with our annual Garage & Estate Sale. January – October, individuals and groups can volunteer in the warehouse on Mondays from 9 am – 12 pm sorting donations. We also need volunteers moving Garage Sale merchandise from our warehouse to Palmer Events Center. Additionally, volunteers can help out at the event. Volunteers MUST schedule ahead of time to volunteer with the Garage & Estate Sale.

Teen Volunteer Guidelines

We must consider the privacy and therapeutic needs of the children and young adults in our care. For that reason, we do not allow volunteers under the age of 18 to work directly with our residents. For teens wanting to volunteer, here are some projects around The Settlement Home that are much needed and appreciated:

• Assist with special events throughout the year (Clear Your Clutter Day, January; Quinceañera, April; Games Day, June; Thanksgiving Dinner, November; Holiday Program, December)
• Garage Sale events (sorting in warehouse on Monday mornings, assisting with move out, set up and working at event in November).
• Adopt/sponsor a cottage for Christmas.
• Manage donation drive for clothing and shoes of all sizes to stock the Clothing Closet for our residents.
• Help with mailings and writing thank you notes for Settlement Home donations.

Volunteer Process and Requirements

A qualified volunteer must demonstrate through lifestyle and relationships, the values we wish our children to learn. These include values such as honesty, dependability, and respect for self and others.
Volunteers, as defined in the Texas Department of Family Protective Services Standards for 24-hour facilities, must complete the following screening process prior to involvement with a child. This screening and application process applies to volunteers serving in a regular, on-going role at the Home.
*Note: Exceptions to this would include those instances in which the child has developed a relationship with the Volunteer in an outside setting such as school or in a prior placement. In this case, the volunteer must complete the process prior to off-campus activities.

  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Complete a volunteer application;
  • Present proof of a T.B. test (within last year) showing negative results;
  • Present a copy of a Driving License;
  • Present and maintain a current copy of Automobile Insurance;
  • Driving eligibility checked;
  • DPS and DFPS background check;

  • Drug Screen;
  • FBI Fingerprinting;
  • Three references checked;
  • Must sign a statement of confidentiality;
  • Must complete an orientation of the Settlement Home’s program, policies, procedures and rules;
  • Must adhere to The Home’s rules, policies, & procedures;
  • Must sign a statement agreeing to report abuse and/or neglect.