Volunteering…through rain, snow and record heat!

Posted July 28, 2011

Volunteering…through rain, snow and record heat!

Volunteers are an essential, critical support system for non-profits.  They do tough jobs without much recognition and they do it because they love the cause they are supporting.  Sometimes, the conditions aren’t the best.  It may be cold, dirty or even stifling hot, and yet, they still show up to work hard.  

In Texas, the summer heat has been brutal, even debilitating at times.  Countless days well over 100 degrees.  Non-profits will do what they can to make the volunteer conditions as good as possible, but in the end, mother nature is in charge.  Upgrades can be expensive and are often not a feasible solution.  That’s why dedicated volunteers are worth their weight in gold.  They are the ones willing to come out and help, when others would rather stay inside.

There are lots of creative ways to try to keep volunteers happy in this heat:
– Ice cold water, lemonade, sodas, etc.
– Snow cones and popsicles.
– Fans
– Hats and visors

A great idea is to ask your volunteers what would make them feel more comfortable.  They usually have good suggestions that might be worth implementing! 

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