Almost Time for a Feast!

Posted November 15, 2012

Almost Time for a Feast!

It’s starting to smell like Thanksgiving! Turkey and spices and everything tasty! Our kitchen staff is hard at work preparing turkey, pies and all the sides for next week’s big feast!

For children in the state foster care system, it can be difficult to be away from their family during the holidays. The Settlement Home holds a Thanksgiving feast every year, so that our children feel a sense of belonging and family. Our foster and adoptive families are also invited to attend, so that they can share in the festivities and feel connected to The Settlement Home. It’s great to see so many wonderful smiles at our party.

It’s easy to get caught up in the holidays. Holiday adverting and marketing is everywhere. We hope everyone can take a few moments this season to think about the children who struggle with this time of year because of the abuse or neglect they have endured. You can show your thankfulness by thinking of others.

Here are a few easy suggestions:
Send a holiday card to a non-profit agency dedicated to helping children.
Donate new or gently used items, such as scarves, hats and gloves for the fall and winter. It’s helpful to call a non-profit first to see what items their children can use and what sizes they need.

Make a donation in honor or memory of someone. Remember a friend or honor someone you loved by making a heartfelt donation to a non-profit.
Offer special help. Call a non-profit and see what special help they need this time of year. Do they need help wrapping gifts, baking cookies or sending out their own holiday cards? Offer your time to help them meet this need.
The holidays end, but giving doesn’t have to. Remember non-profits and the children they serve during the entire year, not just the holidays. There can often be an over abundance of generosity in November and December, but when March or April rolls around, volunteers can get scarce and needs can be left unmet. Be a year-long supporter of children in need. 

Now, back to that Thanksgiving feast. Here’s a sneak peak….

Lots of love goes into the preparations!

It wouldn’t be a feast without pie! Pumpkin and pecan!

Last but certainly not least – the turkey!