Generous Grants

Posted November 20, 2012

Generous Grants

We are very appreciative of the financial support we’ve received from several grants. These contributions will go a long way in providing for our children and ensuring that their needs are met.

Austin Community Foundation grant – $35,000
Ruth and Paul Connor Foundation – $15,000
Austin Junior Forum grant – $8,000

The Austin Community Foundation grant will provide for our summer program, a time when our kids are out of school and need activities. This grant will allow our girls to experience an enriched and educational summer by attending camps, participating in events off-campus and enjoying on-campus activities.

The Austin Junior Forum grant will help us meet a variety of individualized needs for our children, such as purchasing therapeutic sensory tools, sending children to camp, providing specific clothing items for a child’s recreational needs and much more.

We are thrilled to be the recipients of these grants. This funding will allow us to continue to create a healthy, educational and supportive experience for each child we serve. Thank you!