Austin Mom on a Budget

Posted October 25, 2016

Austin Mom on a Budget

Elexa is the founder of Austin Mom on a Budget, a site aimed at sharing affordable local events, tips and reviews. Her hope is to help parents to enrich the lives of their young Austinites for a love of music, arts and education.
As we sit at La Patisserie, Elexa shares with me about her passion for Austin and its icons and legends (which our Sale is included in her list), her favorite finds at The Sale and her advice to folks venturing to The Sale for the first time. She’s been a shopper at the Garage & Estate Sale for almost a decade and has plenty of experience navigating the departments, usually with kids in tow, to find great bargains for her family. Check out Elexa’s tips for shopping below and follow her on Facebook to hear more about great Austin events like ours: 
She calls our Garage & Estate Sale the Mecca of thrifting, and we agree with her!

“The Settlement Home Garage Sale is one of those things that makes Austin Austin. It’s something to look forward to all year. Not only are y’all serving all these children, but you’re re-housing these items that help keep the local economy going to offer affordable things for people.” 

Who should go to The Sale:
Moms and dads- your kids are going to grow out of things so quickly, it’s not worth paying full price for kids clothes and toys!

“If you love to thrift. If you love to go to garage sales. If you have an interest in old items at all- antiques, vintage. If you up-cycle in any way, you have to go to this Sale.

Vintage store owners
Style Consultants
People who like to upcycle
Anyone on a budget

“This is such an awesome cause AND I’ve saved so much from what I was going to have to spend in retails stores.”

  What she loves to find at The Sale:
Techie stuff in general
Boutique stuff for babies 
Maternity pillow for $4 
Maternity clothes 
Christmas decorations
“I never buy regular-priced Christmas stuff. There’s everything you could possibly need in there.”
Bed rail at a sale- saved us $35 because 
Play mat 
Crafting supplies- googly eyes, popsicle sticks
Books- Elexa was able to fill shelves for her daughter with books for $25 
Old vintage books
Storage bins
Matilda Jane clothes
Old frames to repurpose
Vintage pieces to decorate the house with
Trendy stuff for daughter
Christmas gifts

“Y’all have the most incredible selection of literature. My husband values knowledge and the knowledge he gains from being able to afford these books that typically at the bookstore are expensive to buy. That is invaluable for him.” 


Elexa’s Extras:
Every department is specific and organized – grab your list and get shopping!
The Sale has amazing volunteers- they are passionate and love being there and they love the kids. 

“It’s amazing to see so many people so engaged and come together as a community to support such a long-standing work that has impact for so many years. I love meeting everyone that volunteers and hearing their stories. It’s not just a sale.”

Parking is free- The Settlement Club underwrites parking in the Palmer Parking Garage for shoppers. 
Each year, Elexa and her husband give their daughter a budget to shop at The Sale. Their daughter goes and finds the Build a Bear section and gets outfits and shoes. We love that this has become a family tradition and that our sale is helping little ones learn budgeting!
Her best advice for shopping at The Sale:
  • Have your list
  • Set a budget
  • Take advantage of bag check (This is our version of a coat check. When you fill your arms with treasures, pay for them, then you can check them in a secure area and keep shopping hands-free!)
  • Bring a bag (or something to help carry your purchases)
  • Be prepared to have a good time 

 “It’s a tradition in my family, and I think it always will be.”

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