Developing Today for a Bright Tomorrow

Posted July 7, 2011

Developing Today for a Bright Tomorrow

At The Settlement Home for Children, there is a huge need for support from the community, both financially and through volunteer work.  The economy continues to challenge many non-profits, as well as cuts in the state budget.

Marilyn Willson, Development Director for The Settlement Home, has the tremendous and important task of raising funds for today and for tomorrow.

Q: What do you love about being in Development?
MW: I love working with people and helping others understand the unique dynamics facing our children, while helping be a voice for our children.  It is through developing relationships that true change can occur.

Q: Why do you think some people are hesitant to donate to a non-profit?
MW: In order to make a donation or volunteer for a non-profit, you have to recognize that this issue is in your own backyard and not overseas and that can be a hard realization for many.  Once they address the needs that are currently facing our community, than many step up to the plate to do what they can.

Q:What do you like best about fundraising for The Settlement Home for Children?
MW: I am proud to say that 92 cents of each dollar goes directly to programs and services for our children.  We have maintained operating and fundraising percentages to a true minimum, thus we are able to fulfill our mission.

Q: Any parting words for our readers?
: I encourage people to really find what they’re passionate about and support that.  If you are passionate about helping abused children, come out to The Settlement Home and take a tour.  I guarantee that your perspective will change!

Have your own questions for Marilyn?  Contact her directly at [email protected]