Everyone Can Do Something

Posted July 14, 2011

Everyone Can Do Something

Yeah, I’d like to volunteer, but what can I do that would make any difference?

If this question is holding you back from volunteering, then this post is for you.  For the busy person on the go or the person who thinks they don’t have anything to contribute, here are some suggestions to lead you on the path of becoming a volunteer.

What can I do to make a difference?
A lot!  Maybe you’re questioning your talents, but we see a happy, caring and giving person who has a lot to give.  Do you have a skill or hobby?  Volunteer to teach a class for children.  Love to bake?  Join a group that donates cakes to children or nursing homes.  Play an instrument?  Volunteer to teach a child to play.  Can you drive a car?  Become a driving volunteer who takes children to dentist and doctor appointments.  There is something for everyone.

I don’t have much spare time.
We all have busy lives, but the great thing about volunteering and giving back is you can find something flexible to meet your schedule.  Maybe you volunteer every week for a shorter time period or maybe you just volunteer once a year for a big event.  It’s all important.  Do something from home, like sew blankets or pillowcases to donate.  Organize a donation drive, collect items and drop them off to your favorite charity.  Cook or bake something and donate it to a charity, other volunteers or staff.  Use online tools like Crowdrise or First Giving to fundraise for your charity of choice.

I don’t know what charity to pick.
Every non-profit can use your help!  Ask yourself what you are interested in.  Are you close in proximity to any non-profit?  Where do your friends volunteer?  Where can you and your children volunteer together?  Do a Google search for non-profits in your area.

It’s too late for me to get involved.
No way!  It’s never too late to get involved.  Just because a non-profit recently wrapped up a big event, doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty more in the works.  Most charities have big events, small events, daily volunteer opportunities, weekly opportunities and more.  There is rarely any kind of cut off date for signing up to volunteer. 

Giving back and helping others should have a place in everyone’s life.  So what are you waiting for?