Program Highlight: Transitional Living Program

Posted June 1, 2017

Program Highlight: Transitional Living Program

Did you know that we offer transitional living and after care services to young adults who are in care and have signed the voluntary extended foster care agreement, which allows them to stay in CPS custody until they turn 21 years old?

Jessica McKay and Sonia Pineda are our Transitional Living Program (TLP) team. They work with teenagers in our residential programs to plan for their future. Just like most teens, residents are excited to turn 18 and enter adulthood. Often, that birthday is also a difficult time as they prepare to age out of foster care and become independent adults. Jessica and Sonia help ease anxiety and work through that transition. As a part of the planning, Jessica and Sonia connect residents with community partners who share resources and teach life skills to help them prepare for success as adults. Additionally, Jessica and Sonia manage the TLP, which serves female youth between the ages of 18 and 21 who are in extended foster care to help them with self-sufficiency. Residents attend the following events:

  • OMG 18 – A preparation group for residents about to turn 18 or are preparing to transition out of foster care.
  • Fresh Chef Events – A program that empowers youth transitioning out of foster care with the skills necessary to take charge of their eating lifestyle.
  • Advanced YES -A financial literacy program to give youth the skills and resources they need to be successful in their finances in the future.

Twelve furnished efficiency apartments house one youth each, and include utilities and basic cable/internet service. Residents meet regularly with a therapist who helps them set goals toward independence and learn life skills. Our staff provides individual coaching and guidance for young adults, along with resources to prepare them for independence.

A full range of services are available, and youth are required to meet expectations as outlined in the resident handbook. Through the Transitional Living Program, independence is established through work, school and exploration of resources. TLP residents will become self-sufficient in maintaining stable housing and employment, build healthy relationships, and have the ability to advocate for their needs.

As part of the Transitional Living Program, the following services are offered:

  • Weekly face-to- face contact
  • Discharge planning
  • After care services
  • Psychiatric monitoring of medications
  • Intake and orientation
  • Financial support
  • Case-management
  • Life skills training
  • Special needs addressed
  • Educational support
  • Vocational support
  • Social support
  • Treatment/Counseling

Jessica and Sonia also work with former Settlement Home residents who have aged out of foster care. They consult to provide housing support, vocational support, educational support, emotional support, guidance to access services within the community, pregnancy/parenting support and resources, accessing benefits from aging out of foster care, and employment support.