SpringFest Recognizes Youth

Posted April 30, 2012

SpringFest Recognizes Youth

The 2012 SpringFest recognized 76 high school juniors for their achievements and welcomed them into the Community Youth Council on April 29 at Star Ranch.

As part of the Community Youth Council, these teenagers are pledging to volunteer their time at The Settlement Home for Children. They will volunteer during the summer at our Garage Sale warehouse, as well as at the Charity Garage Sale in November.

The purpose of the Community Youth Council is to introduce teenagers to philanthropy and giving back to their community. By instilling these values in our area youth, we strive to shape tomorrow’s leaders.

Thank you to our sponsors:
Leslie and Tim Timmerman
Junie Meskey

Ann Butler
Rebecca and Mark Powell
Karen and Steve Farabee
Cynthia Glover and Dwight Williams
Julia and Ross Rathgeber
Marissa and Romano Richetta

Gretchen Giacobazzi
Katherine Nelson

Big thanks to Capital Beverage!

Congratulations to our new class of Community Youth Council members:
Treeman Baker
Charlie Barksdale
Grant Barton
Mike Baselice
Bryan Bashur
Brooke Becker
Gabe Black
Madeline Blankenship
Connor Breen
Dalton Brown
Emily Brown
Becca Butler
Grant Butler
Devin Byrne
Luigi Cannatti
Kez Cannon
Chris Canter
Ben Clements
Reid Cline
Tanner Coffey
Alec Cohen
Derek Cohen
Katie Coopwood
Riley Cunningham
Hannah Dale
Will Duke
Lauren DuPont
Robert Ellis
Regan Eppright
Sara Farabee
Judge Finley
Caitlin Flores
Jessie Glover
Christine Hanna
Kendall Hanna
Bailey Hansen
Whitney Hewlett
Brandon Irick
Connor Johnstone
Carson Jones
Allison Kopp
Tiffany Larkam
Andrew Lynch
Jacob Mansour
Preston Marchbanks
Kathryn McDonald
Thomas McNair
Morgan Mechling
Sophie Moody
Madeline Morris
Sarah Nissen
Claire Orton
Russell Paape
Andrew Pate
Collin Peters
Mason Pitts
Boone Powell
Byrn Rathgeber
Giuliana Richetta
Maggie Rogers
Charles Schneider
Michelle Schuler
Paul Shaunessy
Sara Shaw
Allyson Smith
Lincoln Smith
Miranda Smith
Benton Susholtz
Keith Taylor
Archer Thompson
Carter Tomsu
Margot Warren
Maggie Werkenthin
Jp Yurco
Chloe Zagrodzky
Tracy Zimmerman