Thank You, Dietitian Interns!

Posted August 4, 2015

Thank You, Dietitian Interns!

Each summer, we have the pleasure of working with dietitian interns from the University of Texas. This year, we had four enthusiastic interns – Justin, Megan, Chloe and Christina – on our campus for three weeks.

This energetic crew took on a lot in such a short period of time. For our RTC program, two interns held a series of fun and educational classes for our kids. One class focused on teaching our teens how to read the nutritional labels that come on food and drinks. During one eye-opening class, the interns used real sugar to show the kids just how much actual sugar some foods contained. One of the interns, Megan, is also a certified personal trainer. She incorporated exercise into several lessons by taking the girls rock climbing at UT’s Gregory Gym and leading a workout class for them.

These interns also worked one-on-one with our kids with diabetes to teach them about managing their health.

In our Group Home Program, the interns taught hands-on cooking classes. The kids even learned how to make healthier brownies by substituting black beans for oil and eggs. The results were very tasty!

Many thanks to our awesome dietitian interns for all of their hard work with our kids!