Volunteer Spotlight: Junior League of Austin

Posted October 3, 2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Junior League of Austin

The Junior League of Austin has a history of supporting The Settlement Home for many years and is currently partnering with our agency as a selected Community Project with our campus Run Club.    Since 2010,  JLA has been involved with the Home’s Run Club by providing running partners for our residents and also grant funding so that we can participate in 5k community races during the year.  The Junior League volunteers not only provide a consistent, additional adult support for our children, but develop great relationships and assist our kiddos to build confidence in their quests to accomplish their goals of completing the races.  Run Club is such an important piece of promoting a healthy lifestyle with our residents and we are grateful to The Junior League for helping us do this for our children!

SH: Tell us about JLA.
JLA: The Junior League of Austin is a non-profit women’s organization dedicated to making Austin a better place through voluntarism and developing leadership traits. We have more than 2,400 members.

SH: Describe our partnership for Run Club.
JLA: In our partnership with The Settlement Home for the 2016-2017 placement year, we have 10 volunteers dedicating their Wednesdays to being mentors to girls through the Run Club. We also are available for various 5ks though out the year.

SH:  Why is volunteering important to JLA?
JLA: It is the purpose of JLA, and we enjoy volunteering!

SH: What kind of impact does volunteering have on your members?
JLA: It helps us to view a different side of life, helps us give our time to a worthy cause, and enhances our leadership skills.

SH:  What kind of impact do you hope that JLA members can make on our kids?
JLA: We hope that we can provide good role models and hope in a trying time in their lives.

SH: Is there anything else you’d like to share about JLA and/or our partnership?
JLA: We are so excited that we have been able to have this partnership for years and we look forward to the years to come!

Want to know more about The Junior League of Austin? https://www.jlaustin.org/